Selected Publications


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2015 (with Emma Kowal et al). “The Open Question: Medical Anthropology and Open Access.Medicine, Anthropology and Theory 2, no. 1: 75–94.

2015 “Shadow Stories” Invited contribution to Somatosphere Film Forum on In the Shadow of Ebola. Somatosphere medical anthropology blog (

2015 “Modernity as a Fragile Milieu” Invited contribution to Somatosphere Book Forum on Richard Keller’s Fatal Isolation Somatosphere medical anthropology blog (

2014   “Medical Vulnerability, or Where There Is No Kit.” Limn, issue 5 (Ebola’s Ecologies),

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2014 Entry for “Human” in Commonplaces project, Somatosphere medical anthropology blog (

2013  Invited post in Society for Cultural Anthropology Field Notes blog: “Contact/Access: Provocation.”

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